Production of components and assemblies in composite materials for the aeronautics industry
Rexiaa Group - Materiaux composites pour l'aeronautique   Rexiaa Group - Materiaux composites pour l'aeronautique
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System approvals
EN 9100 and ISO 9001 certification
Aeronautical Maintenance Workshop (ISSOIRE AVIATION)
EASA Part 145.

Aeronautical Equipment Production (ISSOIRE AVIATION)
EASA Part 21G and J.
CLIENTS approvals
Utilization of composites: monolithic composites, sandwich composites, installation of inserts.
Chemical processes: Painting of composite component parts.
Assembly: non-structural composite / composite bonding, non-structural composite / metal bonding, non-structural metal / metal bonding, non-structural riveting.
Non-destructive checks: checks by tapping, US: A / SCAN contact bonding, US: A / SCAN monolithic contact, US: thickness measurement.
Specific activities: Supply of structural components, supply of composite materials, composite materials preparation / methods.

Co-baked, semi-cooked and monolithic composite components.
Non-structural riveting.
Painting of composite component parts.
SNCF recognition
ROXEL recognition
Certificate of qualification to AIR 0191 ed.2 / 2TTim2A3 standard

ISO 9001 / EN 9100  
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