Production of components and assemblies in composite materials for the aeronautics industry
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Special processes

Thanks to its Design Engineering departments and computing capabilities, the REXIAA Group can design, develop, finalise and integrate new special processes. Our manufacturing processes for your components and assemblies in composite, metal and hybrid materials are therefore innovative and constantly evolving.
This allows us to offer you technological solutions to the problems you encounter, while still reducing costs, gaining in quality and saving on implementation time.

Resources and examples

Design Engineering and Research and Development departments.
Continuous monitoring of the technology market.
Personnel training.
Fibre placement optimization (CutWorks, FiberSIM software).
LPT and SL laser positioning.
Automated fabric cutting (Gerber Technology with unwinding machine and ink jet marking).
5-axis CNC water jet cutting.
Mould bottom finish technology.
"Out of autoclave" technology.

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