Production of components and assemblies in composite materials for the aeronautics industry
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Assembly and integration

The REXIAA Group assembles your assemblies and sub-assemblies in composite, metal and hybrid materials. We integrate the parts and components made in house by the group’s eight companies.

We have two assembly workshops. Our teams therefore work in areas perfectly suited to your assemblies and large aeronautical structures.

We deliver a finished product with fully integrated manufacturing and meet all of your specifications.

In a Part 21 dedicated area, we also assemble and integrate all the composite materials fuselage components for the certified aircraft in the APM range. On a second site, we fit the wings, perform the embodiment and mount the flight components up to delivery to the end customer.


Specific assembly and integration workshops
Workshop of 1,500m2.
Part 21 dedicated area.
Mechanical engineering workshop.
Composite materials workshop.
Painting booths.
Paint and sanding with vertical suction.

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