Production of components and assemblies in composite materials for the aeronautics industry
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Structural metal-metal bonding

The REXIAA Group develops structural monolithic and sandwich metal-metal bonding technology for you.
Controlling this process strengthens our ability to assemble structural assemblies and sub-assemblies
With metal-metal bonding:
- You avoid riveting your component and keep its integrity,
- Your sub-assembly gains in weight,
- You improve the aesthetics of the finished product
- You obtain reductions in costs and manufacturing times.


Unclogged CA (Chrome Anodization) surface treatment line and fully automated Alodine 1200 line
Chromic-sulphuric stripping.
Bonding primer application booth.
Air conditioned bonding rooms.
Large capacity autoclaves.
Heating presses.
NC trimming and machining.
Paint booths.
Aeronautical assembly and sub-assembly integration shop.
Non-destructive testing (NDT)

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